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I am a clinical therapist with over 25 years of experience treating both individuals as well as couples. I have a masters degree from Boston College School of Social Work and have trained at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. I also have advanced training in couples therapy (including Emotionally Focused Therapy discussed below), and have extensive experience with addictions through my work at McLean Hospital in Belmont, MA. My areas of specialization are discussed in more detail below.

Individual Therapy
We all want a life that is healthy, fulfilling and satisfying. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try on our own, that kind of life can be difficult to achieve. I treat clients who are seeking relief from anxiety, depression, and the pain that comes with grief and loss. Many are looking for a way out of old behaviors in order to start on a new path in life. By incorporating insight-oriented exploration, and behavioral strategies and mindfulness techniques, I work with clients towards challenging the patterns of thoughts and behaviors that get in the way of their goals. This allows them to move toward acceptance and empowerment, and ultimately toward happier connections and more productive and satisfying lives. I have also worked many years with substance abusers and their families, particularly woman substance abusers.

Couples Therapy and Coaching:
Couples come to me searching for a way to repair a relationship which has become difficult, distant, or no longer satisfying. When working with couples, I focus on not who is right, or who is wrong, but rather on how their patterns of behavior affect each other and the relationship as a whole. I am trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy which assists couples in understanding each other’s emotions, and how those emotions impact their relationship and interactions. I coach couples to learn new and more satisfying ways of communicating and connecting. I work with couples who have been married for many years, and those in the early stages of their commitment. I help gay and straight couples, as well as couples who have been affected by alcoholism and/or addiction. Learn more about our Center for Couples & Families

Mindful Separation and Uncoupling:
Sometimes couples, despite their efforts, cannot repair their relationship. In those cases, I work with couples to help them navigate their uncoupling. When there are children involved, their involvement with each other does not end. Instead, they have to redefine their relationship in order to allow them to continue to be the loving parents that they are, while simultaneously allowing them to develop new and satisfying lives living separately. This can be a rocky and painful task, but one, that if done mindfully and carefully, with the help of a professional, can facilitate the healing of all parties.

Premarital Coaching:
All couples start out hoping and expecting that their relationship will last forever. Unfortunately the stresses and strains of daily life can have a negative impact on the best of relationships. I offer a short term coaching program that helps couples understand the impact of life stresses on a relationship in order to help them avoid the pitfalls that can damage their connection. My years of experience working with couples trying to repair their damaged connections allows me to offer insight and guidance to couples hoping to prevent those problems from developing.

Family Therapy/Coaching:
The goal of family coaching is to strengthen healthy relationships between members, and to help repair connections that have been marred by misunderstandings and conflicting agendas. Sometimes, the conflicting agenda is as simple as kids trying to grow up, while parents are trying to keep them safe. With family therapy, as with my other treatment modalities, I employ strategies of mindfulness- particularly mindful listening, self and other awareness, non-judgment and compassion, to help families develop new ways of understanding and relating to one another. Learn more about our Center for Couples & Families

Mindfulness Mediation:
I have co-chaired an 8-week Mindfulness and Healthy Eating program, currently lead monthly open mediation meetings, and have taught numerous mindfulness stress management classes in area companies and organizations.

Please visit the Mindfulness Center at NPA

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