Mindful Living Workshop

Mindfulness meditation provides an opportunity to truly experience the present moment for the duration of the meditation session, and has been shown to improve health and wellbeing of people who meditate on a regular basis beyond the practice session. Skills associated with mindfulness can also be  applied to the challenges of daily life. Living more mindfully, we are able to perceive and respond to our circumstances in ways that are more effective, productive and satisfying.

In this 4-session workshop with June Atkind, LICSW, participants will have an opportunity to enhance their practice of Mindfulness Meditation. Additionally through discussion, individual and group exercises, as well as suggestions for practice at home,  you will learn to apply mindfulness-based skills to the challenges of daily living, including coping with internal stressors like negative thoughts and emotions,  situational stressors, such as trying to balance work and family, challenging interpersonal relationships, getting unstuck from limiting habits, and, generally, living in a complex and constantly changing world.


When : Next 4-session Workshop begins Wednesday, June 5 from 5-6:15 pm.

Where : In-person at 1040 Great Plain Ave, Suite 312, Needham, MA – or attend virtually!

Cost : $150

For more information:  781-449-4779 or [email protected] or visit mindfulnessbasedstrategies.com

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