Michelle Avigan, Ph.D.

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I graduated with a BA from Barnard College, Columbia University, and with a Ph.D in clinical psychology from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at St. John’s University. I have over 25 years of experience working with individual adults and couples. I have had the privilege to work with people in a variety of settings, helping them marshall their own resources and find their best selves.

Individual Therapy:

I use a combination of psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral and solution-focused techniques to help individuals meet the challenges they face in their everyday lives. I believe that people are inherently resilient, and that with more support and insight they can develop more effective coping strategies. My experience includes working with people with a variety of personal and relationship issues, including depression, anxiety, loss, stress and life-cycle transitions. I work collaboratively with clients to increase self awareness of their personal resources, allowing them to shift thoughts and change behaviors. Together we will uncover the obstacles that block pathways to success, finding new solutions to problems that keep you stuck.

Couples Therapy:

Seeking and maintaining close contact with loved ones is a life-long need. It is only human to yearn for a relationship that feels like a safe haven. Yet many couples feel disconnected and find themselves in repetitive struggles that lead to anger and resentment. Even if they want to come close, they can’t. Couples often find that therapy helps them stay connected through life’s challenging moments. Adjusting to events such as the birth of a child, job change, illness, retirement or infertility can cause a disruption for many partners. Therapy is also helpful for couples in crisis. This includes those who are suffering from loss of intimacy, experiencing high levels of conflict, recovering from infidelity, or partners whose relationship is characterized by poor communication.

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is a proven approach that outlines the roadmap to a more secure and satisfying relationship. As an EFT Certified therapist, I can help you slow down, recognize your negative pattens, and restructure your bond. This will allow you to reach for each other in new healthy ways and respond to each other with empathy and tenderness. In this environment, couples can learn to work together to heal wounds and create a greater sense of trust and connection. EFT is distinct from other couples therapy models in that there is no focus on resolution of content issues. Instead the goal is to promote safety and emotional engagement and ensure that partners can readily respond in a reassuring way to the universal questions of “Do I matter?” and “Can I count on you?”

Learn more about my work at my website: MichelleAviganPhD.com

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