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System Racism is Real and
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Joseph H. Rubin, Psy.D.

1040 Great Plain Avenue, 3rd Floor, Suite A
Needham, MA. 02492

I am a licensed clinical psychologist in practice with Needham Psychotherapy Associates since 1993. My patients range in age from adolescents to seniors. I do individual, couples and group therapy. My style is a combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy and dynamic treatment. Cognitive-behavioral therapy involves not only exploring how one’s emotions (depression, sadness, anger, too much or too little emotional control) are interfering with one’s life, but also how the distorted thinking that goes along with those feelings can interfere with self improvement. Helping someone to change this “self talk” or internal dialogue can be a key to solving life problems.

By “dynamic” I mean that issues of poor self-esteem or lack self-confidence often have to do with roles that have been played since childhood. Many times people become stuck repeating old patterns of behavior. I help people to recognize and understand these patterns so that change can be achieved.

Many times an individual’s issues can effect or be effected by their spouse and/or family. Therefore, I frequently find it to be very helpful to bring significant others into the treatment in order to better understand causes and solutions. Each person’s strengths and stressors can often be better understood within the context of their social or family group.

My training is in alcohol and substance abuse and/or addiction issues. An addiction keeps a person from experiencing feeling, and often changes one’s values, goals and personality. Learning to understand and accept the “addictive self” enables the person to learn the coping skills needed to deal with overwhelming feelings. Individuals can have multiple addictions (alcohol, drugs, food, work, exercise, etc.) that interfere with the ability to feel. As a substance abuse specialist, I also work with adult children of alcoholics/other addictions where family-of-origin issues are effecting self-confidence or self-concept. Since it is not unusual for adolescents to begin experimenting with drugs and alcohol with negative results, much of my practice involves assisting teenagers to understand their behavior and learn ways to make healthier decisions about substance use.

In addition, my subspecialty is in hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is quite similar to deep relaxation and is helpful in stress management,anxiety, and performance issues. For example, the skills learned in hypnosis can be particularly helpful in pain management, treating headaches, and weight control.

I also like helping people work through adult life transitions such as career change, divorce, and family illness. I particularly enjoy helping people with work decisions, family businesses, and career transitions.

I received a Master’s degree from the University of Virginia and my Doctorate from Antioch New England Graduate School. My internships were at McLean and Charles River Hospitals. I am currently on the attending staff at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Needham. Before private practice I worked at Mclean Hospital serving as a psychologist on the Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment Service, the Bipolar and Psychotic Disorders Unit and the Clinical Evaluation and Admissions Unit. Working on both inpatient and outpatient units has given me the opportunity to experience and treat a wide variety of emotional problems. My style is active and conversational. It is by engaging in these dialogues that the relationship between therapist and client becomes a positive and productive means of healing.

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