Susan H. Davidson, Ph.D.

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I am a Clinical Psychologist with a Cognitive and Behavioral orientation to therapy. I am trained as both a child and adult psychologist, and see patients from the youngest infant with feeding issues through seniors with issues of aging. My areas of expertise include Behavioral Medicine and Biofeedback, Early Childhood Issues, Parent Training and Anxiety Disorders.

Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy 
My orientation to therapy uses a Cognitive/Behavioral approach. This means that I look at problems from a learning perspective. I try to understand how a behavior problem arose and what things in the environment are maintaining the problem. This perspective lends itself to a positive, action-oriented treatment model. I tend to use a short-term treatment model for most problems, with a focus on problem solving, coping and behavioral change.

Behavioral Medicine and Biofeedback 
Behavioral Medicine is the psychological treatment of medical complaints that have a behavioral component. For example, many medical disorders have symptoms that respond better to treatment when the patient is able to stay calm, relaxed and focused. These disorders include asthma, headache, migraine, stomach pain, irritable bowel disorder, some dermatological conditions, chronic pain and sleep disorders. Biofeedback and habit changes are often very helpful in reducing patients’ distress.

Biofeedback is the use of computer technology to help patients learn to control their physical reactions to stress. It is extremely helpful for patients to see the actual responses their bodies have to stress, and to learn ways of altering these maladaptive responses.

Early Childhood Issues and Parent Training 
The early years of life can be particularly challenging for both the child and parents. I have a special interest in helping families navigate these early years and get children off to a good start in life. Issues can include developmental concerns, health-related behavioral issues, such as feeding, sleeping and toileting problems, chronic illness, social behaviors and separation concerns. I can consult with parents, pediatricians, schools and day care centers to develop behavioral treatment plans.

Anxiety Disorders 
A good deal of my time is spent helping patients manage anxiety disorders, panic disorders and fears. I again use a cognitive/behavioral approach to treatment that includes monitoring maladaptive thoughts, learning to calm oneself and facing fears directly.

My Training 
I received my doctorate in Clinical Psychology from SUNY Binghamton in 1987. I did my internship training at Harvard Medical School in the Boston Children’s Hospital/ Judge Baker Guidance Center, where I specialized in Behavioral Medicine. I have been a staff psychologist at Braintree Hospital and Franciscan Children’s Hospital/Kennedy Day School.

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