Deborah Rosenbaum, Ph.D.

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I believe my role as a clinical psychologist is to work collaboratively with clients to develop individually tailored programs for change and growth. I use a cognitive-behavioral framework to help conceptualize the factors that cause clients to experience distress and struggle within their relationships. I also use this framework to assist clients who are not in distress but who seek new tools to develop and advance their goals. Clients and I work together to identify their thoughts, emotions and behaviors and to discover the unique ways that they are linked. This understanding opens the door to new ways of perceiving the self and the world, interacting with others, and identifying and tackling challenges. Clients work to develop the skills to translate their new understanding into life changes.

My clients include children, adolescents and adults. With adults and adolescents, I specialize in the treatment of anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. My treatment plans derive directly from the understanding of the symptom picture that has been developed with the client. This is critical to insure that clients understand and feel comfortable with the therapeutic process. Therapy often involves several components. These may include identifying and challenging dysfunctional thinking patterns, working to understand emotions, figuring out how environmental factors are impeding growth, and developing new ways of communicating.

My work with children often centers on coping with family and school stressors and on the development of the skills necessary to be successful in social relationships. It is particularly important that children feel like active and valued members of a team. I take great care in establishing relationships that will help children engage with the process of therapy.

My style is warm and supportive while at the same time well-organized and systematic. Because of my emphasis on collaboration, clients not only address current symptoms but they also learn the skills they will need in order to continue setting and achieving their personal goals after the therapy has ended.

I received my doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Binghamton University. I have worked in outpatient mental health settings as well as in the partial hospitalization setting for clients with eating disorders.

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