Deborah A. Silen, M.D.

307 Auburndale Avenue 
Auburndale, MA 02466 

I am gratified to be a member of this unique and diverse group of mental health clinicians. Membership in this group provides me with the opportunity to treat people in a multidisciplinary practice where communication and collaboration, both values of great importance to me, are highly regarded.

I am a general adult psychiatrist, trained to work with people over 21, who are seeking help with issues such as depression, anxiety and other mood disorders.

My Therapeutic Approach

My initial evaluation of patients, whether they are coming to me for therapy, or a medication consultation, involves a complete history, both psychiatric and medical. I explain recommendations about therapy and medication in detail. I discuss the indications for and choices of different medications, side effects, and the possible non-medication alternatives. I feel that patients are partners in the treatment relationship. It is important to me to spend sufficient time with people in doing a diagnostic assessment so that I am certain that I am making treatment recommendations for the appropriate diagnosis, and not simply based on symptoms taken out of context.

My Experience

Prior to coming to Needham Psychotherapy Associates, I maintained a full or part-time private practice in Newton for over 20 years. I previously worked at Westwood Lodge Hospital, Faulkner Hospital, and Student Mental Health Services at Boston University. I will continue to be available to see patients in my Newton office both in person and via Telehealth.

My Services

Most of my practice consists of people for whom I provide psychotherapy services, and, when needed, for whom I prescribe medication. My other key role is to be available to my colleagues at Needham Psychotherapy Associates for evaluation and consultation for their patients who may need medication.


My training as a physician with a specialty in psychiatry included four years of medical school, a medical internship,three years of adult psychiatric residency training, and two years of psychotherapy and consult/liaison fellowship. I feel particularly comfortable with medical issues because my training was largely in medical settings. Frequently there are overlapping or unclear distinctions between psychiatric and medical problems, and for this reason, collaborating with my medical colleagues is an important component of my evaluation and ongoing treatment.

While I am a psychiatrist, a physician well versed in the psychopharmacologic/medication management of mental health related issues, I was trained thirty years ago in the psychotherapeutic tradition. I was privileged during my psychiatric residency training to have supervision from many fine psychiatrists with psychodynamic backgrounds, and I call on the principles which I learned from them every day.


I graduated from Smith College with a degree in History. I did my premedical studies at Harvard University and graduated from Boston University School of Medicine. I completed a medical internship at the Boston Veterans Administration Medical Center, psychiatric residency training at Tufts-New England Medical Center and a two year psychotherapy fellowship at Adams House at Faulkner Hospital, Boston. I hold board certification in Psychiatry from the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

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